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Posted by admin on July 22, 2012 at 8:09 pm

Brought in a few larger pieces over this week, but most of the photos this post will be on the smaller items available in Cottage Home.

This reproduction arched window shelf cabinet measures 75″H x 36″W x 18″D.  Finished in distressed satin black with a walnut stained interior, its priced at $325.

Open Parsons style  bunfoot buffet/sideboard .  Close to 6’L x 16″D x 34″H, its priced at $425.  The interior shelving area is finished in ASCP Coco.

Finally  had enough room to bring in the antique Victorian  bed.  It will fit a modern full-size mattress and boxspring.  The footboard is hand engraved and measures almost 3′ high.  The headboard is close to 5′ tall.  Finished in ASCP Olde White and priced at $325.

Gloria found two of these old arrow pathway pointers in rural Salem County, NJ

The old picnic basket is in wonderful condition and appears to be from the 1930s.  The old concrete squirrel is a Depression-era find. Original paint and in nice condition.

A truly vintage concrete garden statue of the Virgin Mary.  Gloria found two of these and kept a slightly larger version that stands among some mature bushes at our house.

Flower  or vegetable box carrier; some garden planting buckets (one on the right with a French script plaque); a lonely old gear wheel.

Some vintage rosaries; and other odds and ends.  an old beer server’s tray with vintage shot glasses.

Metal reproduction wall hangings.

A vintage wall tin.  Easy to see the difference, eh?

The wooden lanterns are reproductions, but make a nice conversion to electric for unique ceiling lights.  A local designer purchased a large, but different style, to do just that.  Ali posted her blogspot on our Facebook page if you’d like to see the eventual finished light.

Well, that’s all this evening.  I’m working on an old cottage dresser from the Civil War era that is complete and original.  The first coats of ASCP Louis Blue are applied and its waiting distressing and waxing and a spot in the shoppe.

Enjoy the evening.




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