Happy 4th Of July!

Posted by admin on July 3, 2012 at 10:26 am

Hope you enjoy the 4th wherever you’re celebrating.  We’ll be taking a walk down towards Congress Hall in Cape May tomorrow evening to watch the fireworks, then back to West Chester to open the shoppe.

The mid-summer slowdown has arrived, so I’m taking advantage getting some of the larger items ready for Cottage Home.  We will be bringing over the antique Victorian headboard/footboard for display in the store at some point.

This unit is well over 100 years old and has a very beautiful hand engraving on the footboard panel.  Turned legs all round, also.  Its been modified to accept a modern full-size mattress and boxspring.  This will be a true keeper for the person who does take it home.

I’m also working on modifying our last Parsons bunfoot buffet into an open sideboard.  Done this once in the past and it sold quickly.  Allows for the display of nice items or dinnerware to be shown.  An open glass sided bookcase will be coming over soon, as well.  I’m affixing some nice trim to the edges of the front to give it a little more personality.  Large at over 6′ tall with great crown molding and some small drawers in the base.

One of the pieces I have finished is this nice outdoor garden or potting work table.  Gloria found the old worktable in central Pennsylvania and I framed the back to accommodate the old six mullion window, upper shelf and antique splashback.  Its about 4′ wide x 6′ tall.  The window back was fitted with wiring to allow “S” hooks for hanging small working utensils.  Nice undershelf area and plenty of room on the main worktop for a water basin, too.  Its painted in exterior white and Gloria distressed it for the shoppe on Sunday.  Priced at $190, I don’t expect it will stay very long.

Another 100+ year old oval Empire library table.  Also close to 4′ long, its hard to appreciate the amount of work the craftsmen put into the four-sided dual pedestals which taper from top to bottom.  The table has a hidden drawer in the upper apron and is in fantastic original condition.  Painted and lightly distressed in Stonington Gray, this is  a nice addition for the foyer, a large hall or loft.  Priced at $225.

Some of the painted vintage pieces still at the shoppe.  All date to the Depression-era and all have had a price reduction to move them along so some of the other painted pieces can find their way into  Cottage Home.  Seems Liam (Alison’s dog) is about to bull his way past Grady in that last shot.  Someone must have dropped something edible on the floor…………

A couple of the smaller occasional tables around the store.  The old demilune is painted in ASCP Louis Blue and the vintage Sheraton is in a newer color, ASCP Cream.  Most of these size tables come in around the $50 range.

Looking for a home at the shore.  Neat antique print of a little girl gathering seashells.  The old frame has its original convex glass.  Gloria painted the frame and placed it in the back room.

Last set of the vintage theater or auditorium chairs Gloria found a few weeks back.  Made of oak and in very nice condition, we painted them in ASCP Louis Blue.  Slat back with plank seats that fold upward.  The entire piece then folds fairly flat for storage.  A bit heavy, so the kids should be safe watching those movies or playing the video games.  The 3 seat set is about 54″ wide and priced at $195.

No photos, but Ali has brought in quite a bit of vintage costume jewelry she’s found over the last few weeks.  Sold a bit of it yesterday.  She’s promised to do a blog soon on the newer “old” pieces she’s featuring.  C’mon Ali!

Well, that’s it for this week.  Have to do some work to earn dinner today.  We’re installing some nice beadboard planks along one wall of the Cape May house and under the dining area of the open countertop.  Putting in an old farm harvest style table with some vintage pressback chairs and a couple of old windows converted to mirrors.  Lots of painting and hammering to do.  Hope the neighbors went to the beach.  Happy Birthday to America!



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