Flowers and Tubs

Posted by admin on June 10, 2012 at 9:22 am

We recently sold our Bethany Beach bungalow for a small place in Cape May.  Cape May’s been on Gloria’s bucket list for as long as I can remember.  I held out for a long time, but we did find a nice little place close to the harbor and Coast Guard station and 5 blocks to the beach.  We’re spending time as the business allows taking out the old rugs and trimwork and doing some light renovating, including chestnut plank floors, new kitchen cabinet doors, and a changeout on the old “This End Up” furniture to the types Gloria and Ali sell from the shop.  A bit of work, but its right on the edge of one of the wildlife management areas, quiet and I can hear the ocean when sitting on the screened porch in the evening.  Funny, the ocean gets louder with each bottle of Porter.

We’ll be working through the off-season, redoing the floors, kitchen, bedrooms and baths, but I have to admit, I like Cape May.  Nice Fisherman’s Memorial Park with a small beach right at the harbor only two minutes walk a way and flat riding for the bikes.  Cape May does seem to have a monopoly on ticks, though.  Any high grass and you need to check for them.

On to Cottage Home:  Gloria and Ali spent time planting new flowers in the old laundry tubs we keep outside the store.

They spent time sprucing up the antique Koehler pedestal sink, too.  I still think it could be turned into a neat porch fountain with little work.  The old white double tub with a top cover sold this week.  I put a new coat of exterior oil paint on it, and the buyer told me it was used immediately for one of his girl’s birthday parties.  Adult beverages on ice in one side, kids’ drinks in the other.  He placed new hoses beneath it and it actually drained the water away from the area as the ice melted.  I knew these would work.

This is a matching set of old Duncan Phyfe bedroom furniture – 3 drawer bureau and a 5 drawer high chest.  They were built by the Huntley Funiture Company of North Carolina many years ago.  Huntley was acquired by another company in the late 1920s (Simmons, I believe) and the “Huntley” furniture badge went away.  Both of these have the original Huntley brass circle in the uppermost drawer, so they were likely made in 1926 or before.  Each has a nice descending floral applique at the upper frame corners and fluted areas along the frames and drawer seperators.    They are painted in a distressed satin “Swiss Coffee” with the chest of drawers priced at $345 and the bureau or dresser at $295.  The chest measures apprx 3′ wide x 19″ deep and 52″ high; the bureau is about 46″ wide x 21″ deep and 3′ high.  Both are in excellent condition for their 85+ years of age.

Just a couple of the tabletop Parisian footed clocks in the shop.  Both are reproductions; one wood and the other metal.

Old and new toghether.  The leftmost cabinet is a reproduction Olde English double door piece measuring apprx 42″ wide x 74.5″ tall and 16.5″ deep.  The old Jacobean style china cabinet dates to the mid-1920s and is a bit wider and just about 5’10” high (great door lattice!).  The vintage piece is finished in ASCP white with a contrasting interior and has been reduced to $275.

Here’s a nice pair of antique sitting stools.  I finished these in Annie Sloan chalkpaints by mixing her Antibes Green with a bit of Olde White, then distressed and waxed them.  Nice countertop height on both.  The stained glass window is an antique and has a phenomenal amount of juried work in each glass pane.  Tremendous play on light when hung in a sunny window.

Well, that’s all for today.  I’m working on another set of old theater or auditorium chairs in ASCP “Louis Blue” and a great old Victorian headboard/footboard/siderail set in ASCP Olde White.  The antique painted bed will be featured in an upcoming post and on the Cottage Home Facebook page as its too large to bring in the shop.  Well over 100 years old, its a 3/4 size (58″ between the rails), but I will be modifying it to accept a modern full-size boxspring and mattress.  The handcarving on the footboard is awesome.

Ali will be posting in the near future on vintage jewelry.  She’s been collecting some old styles that lend themselves to being handpainted individually.  Fair amount of work, but the results are impressive.  Watch for it.

Warm today, so I have to get out and set up my sun cover tarp and pick out the CDs for work.  Take care.




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