Autumn Display

Posted by admin on September 13, 2012 at 9:26 pm

Ali spent two days rearranging the shop and storing all the remaining summer items.  Autumn is in full swing at Cottage Home now.  We’re also hoping to have a Fall Tent Sale tentatively set for Saturday, October 6th.  Prices on the tent sale items will be excellent and it will be a cash only event.  I’ll post more as I know more.

This table is new to the shop and I don’t have a price yet.  Its built from reclaimed antique oak wood , is well made, large and heavy.  It measures in at 5′ long x 42″ wide on large post legs.  The chairs are also vintage oak and were acquired in a dark green with many black and dark brown highlights.

This  vintage kneehole desk has some French elements and was built by the Bassett Company in the mid-1950s.  It measures almost 44″ L x 22″D x 30″H and is priced at $275.  The rosebud chair is vintage and has its original finish.  The needle point seating is original, also, and in fine condition.  Its priced at $48.

Some of the Autumn and Halloween items new to the shop.  An old chicken crate can be seen it the last photo.  Placed on some nice block legs and topped with glass, these make unique vintage coffee tables.  Yes, its been thoroughly cleaned, sanded and overpainted.

The pumpkins are on the shelf over the columns in the front room.  They’ve been electrified and will light up.

Lots of smalls.

A small mid-1800s cottage dresser in fine condition.  The piece is 30″ H x 15.5″ D x 28″ high, not including the mirror.  Its finished in ASCP Duck Egg mixed with a bit of Paris Gray and features nice glass pulls and a beveled swivel mirror.  Priced at $245.

Not a true vintage piece, but a nicely built low shelf unit with a bowed front and squared tapered legs.  Its finished in ASCP Country Gray and measures about 4’W x 16.5″D x 30″H.  This is a nice shelf unit that can sit along a wall or serve as a console or sofa table, too.

Gloria found a number of old barnwood frames in various sizes from large to small.  We’ve had mirrors cut for them and they’re in the shop now.  The old frameless mirror is vintage, probably 1920s, with beautiful etchings along the top arch.

Some more Fall and Halloween snuck in here.  The green wicker table is vintage, measuring about 2′ in diameter and 30″ high.  Finished in a mix of ASCP Antibes Green and Olde White.

The  green screen is actually a set of old window shutters with a quarter moon inscribed in each.  Each shutter is apprx. 18″ wide by 5′ high.  The old barn door is a traditional 36″ by 6′ high.  The old garden bench has been with the shop since the beginning and still holding on.

That’s it for this evening.  Getting into my reading time.  Zero Day by Balducci; good spy-murder-mystery read.



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