August Finds

Posted by admin on August 4, 2012 at 11:08 am

Plenty of rain here in the West Chester area yesterday.  Played havoc on a 100+ year old plank top I was working on.  When done, the top will go to a unique set of industrial drafting workhorses that will hold the table top at counter height.  If you’ve been looking for a one-of-a-kind piece for a potential kitchen island, this could be it.  Should be in the shoppe sometime after tomorrow.

Not many of these around.  This is a 1920s one-drawer raised server.  Beautiful turned legs, a complete stretcher system and great detail engraving.  Finished in ASCP Paris Gray, it measures 42″W x 19″D x 35+”H and is priced at $295.  This could live in almost any room in the house.

A nicely sized vintage open-shelf cabinet finished in ASCP Graphite with a contrasting interior ASCP Country Gray.  The piece is 64″H x 32″W x 12″D.  Wonderful condition and 5 great display shelves for books, knick-knacks or a prized collection.  Priced at $225.

We’ve finally received the long awaited backorder on retro clocks.  These were chosen at the Atlanta wholesaler mart and ordered in January.  The current economy is causing both wholesalers and manufacturers to slow, stop or discontinue many very nice vintage style items.  Once these clocks are gone, its hard to say if we can order more.  Likelihood is having to scare up another source, which will inevitably vary the style.  These have modern clockworks and run on “AA” batteries.

All of these are metal framed with glass covered fronts and keep quite good times with an audible tick-tock in a quiet room.  Size varies large to moderate, and prices vary, too, but all are a good bargain and nicely done.

An old barnwood frame mirror in the palest of greens.  We’ve come by another 3 larger barnwood framings and are waiting for the mirrors to be cut now.

An original from the 1950s, this old fan is in wonderful original and working condition.  The oscillator even works and it quietly sends cool air billowing across the room.  The manufacturer was headquartered in and the fan made in Cape Gireadue, Michigan.

Last of the “mission” or craftsman style vintage stained glass windows in the store.  Great play on sunlight.

What’s your vintage vice?  All these containers date well back to a time in the U.S. when a person was permitted to engage in their own destruction without interference.

This is a bit different.  Gloria and Ali found two of these green metal ceiling mounted wine bottle holders.  Gloria installed this one in the front room as you enter the shoppe.

Reproductions all, but nice pastry covers.  The glass cloche is fairly large and, I believe, from Belgium.  The wicker cake cover actually has linen netting entirely covering the inside area.

Some of the older items found outdoors during open hours.  An 8 quart watering can and an old horse drawn, man-attached field tiller.

This is a framed French linen reproduction from an old Parisian postcard and ends my post for today.  Lots to do.  The table and chair set in the front room sold and will head down to a small bungalow in Bethany Beach later today or tomorrow morning.  I have to get the large industrial drafting counter finished, and its time to go.  Enjoy the weekend.


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