An Old Desk, Lamps and An Antique Dresser

Posted by admin on August 12, 2012 at 10:22 am

Boy, it is a nice Sunday morning.  Comfortable temperatures, bit of a breeze; paint will dry quickly today.  Gloria is somewhere between Lancaster, Adamstown and Columbia.  Ali will be at the shoppe.   Tempo picked up on many of the larger vintage furniture pieces in the store and several new items have come over or will soon.

This is an old child’s desk.  Appears to have been built in the early 20th Century and made very well.  The weight surprised as it is near as heavy as a full-size desk.  The chair is vintage and has a new French linen seat.  Finished in Swiss Coffee, it sold a few hours after being placed in the shoppe.

This antique dresser has some Eastlake elements.  It was built in the mid to late 1800s and is in fine condition.  Finished in ASCP Olde White, it measures 36″ W x 17″ D x 34″ H (6′ at the top of the mirror crest).  Priced at $295.

Mirrors  are starting to sell quickly as they are excellent and pushing light into areas that need it during the shorter days approaching.  The mirror on the left is vintage and frameless with beautiful reverse engraving across its arched top.  The other is an old barnwood frame with a new mirror inserted.  We’re looking for more of these old wooden frames as all the mirrors we made from these sold in just a few days this week.  Gloria finished several very large vintage mirrors yesterday.  Beautiful gesso frames and several shapings from rectangular to oval.

Lamps are another item beginning to sell at this time of year.  Here are some photos of vintage style lamps presently in the store.

These are some of the new reproduction lamps in vintage style.  Many have 3 way switches and great shades.  We also have a lot of truly vintage lamps, including some beautiful alabaster and marble column styles that date back as far as the 1920s.  Gloria and Ali are searching for shades that fit well with the older lamps, but all are rewired for safety and to accommodate today’s light bulbs.

Smaller vintage style reproductions are found everywhere in the shoppe.  The wall bottle cap opener even has a small tin bin at its base for caps.  The gardener’s glove has been fitted with a wall hook to hang those garden items in the shed.

The European style market bags are made from reclaimed canvas and have been reduced in price.  They’re available with leather or canvas carrystraps and will carry quite a bit.

Ali keeps the shoppe stocked with a number of sprays, fragrances and reed defusers for any room in the home.  We’re also getting ready to order the autumn soy candles from our Pennsylvania maker, who will also be offering a line of quality soaps new to their business.

There’s still a few of the full-size door or wall hung bamboo shades made from old Parisian postcards.

Some old metal spike and glass flower frogs.  The vintage spiked frogs are great for photo displays, too.

OK, to end for today, a pair of matching Depression-era side tables.  Finished in light linen and in fine condition, these would look great beside any sofa.

Time to go.  Enjoy the day and have a good week.





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